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About Us

About Us

Hello Naturalistas,
I started Coils & Curls by Anie in order to create natural hair and skin care for women and men around the world. It has come to my attention that it's difficult to find products that work for almost everyone and contains solely natural ingredients. 
When I started this journey it wasn't all. I remember as a kid, I never truly appreciated my black skin and my natural hair. I always wanted to perm my hair and so I convinced my parents to allow me to do that. I ended up going through the motions in middle school and realizing that something didn't feel right about myself.. still. Once I reached high school, I started to transition and did my first big chop my sophomore year. I did ANOTHER big chop my sophomore year of college and again on October 14th, 2020 because I loved every minute of growing out my natural hair. It is a process, but it is so worth it. I was able to grow back my hair in less than 4 years when I cut my hair each time using the homemade products I make. As the saying goes "the proof is in the pudding", but in my case the proof is in the products I make. 
These products are made to keep your natural hair soft and promote healthy hair growth. Not only can you use these products in your hair, but they're also created so that you're able to use it on your skin. So I encourage you all to join my journey and embrace your hair with these amazing products as apart of your routine.
100% vegan. 100% natural.